Activities for Dogs


Book References

The Dog Lover’s Companion to California by Maria Goodavage

Totally Fun Things To Do With Your Dog by Maxine Rock

Events & Activities For Dogs

A list of activities, events and fun things to do with your dog throughout the year. Enjoy!

Activity Weekly Monthly Quarterly Yearly / Lifetime We Recommend
 Schedule your dog’s bath or groom SPA treatment X  Diva Dogs Mobile Grooming
 Send Your puppy to day school  X  Diva Dogs Day School & Training
 Puppy Socials  X  Call for a referral
 Dog Walking or Dog Daycare  X  Diva Dogs Dog Walking
 Learn a dog sport  X  K9 Nosework® or Agility
 Dog Events  X  Bark in the Park
 Learn a game and tricks  X  Diva Dogs Day School & Training
 Go hiking with your dog  X  X
 Shopping at a dog-friendly store  X  Check out Local Resources
 Professional Photo Session  X  X  Check out Local Resources
 Schedule a health exam with your veterinarian  X
 License your dog with the city  X
 Purchase a stylish collar and matching leash  X
 Write in a journal and have your dog autograph it  X
 Create a blog of your dog’s life  X  X
 Dine out at a dog-friendly restaurant  X  X
 Career assess your dog’s potential  X
 Vacation in Carmel-by-the-sea  X
 Sailing in SF “Dog Day on the Bay”  X
 Join a dog breed club  X
 Microchip your dog  X
 Rescue or adopt a dog  X
 Donate to a worthy cause or animal shelter  X
 Play in the snow with your dog  X
 Play hide and seek with your dog  X  K9 Nosework® or Agility
 Celebrate your dog’s birthday and invite her dog friends  X
 Buy dog clothing to wear for a special occasion  X
 Bike with your dog  X
 Learn to dance to practice Heeling  X
 Play Frisbee  X
 Learn advance doggie skills  X  X
 Sign up for a night class for adult dogs  X  X
 Sign up for a night class for puppies  X  X
 Love your dog – massage, brush, hug, kiss xoxo  X  X  X  X