Mobile Grooming Salon


Mobile Grooming Services

Rubber ducky plus soap bubbles equals good clean fun!  We maximize the sparkle and minimize the drama for all our clients, human and canine alike.  And since extraordinary glamour doesn’t happen by accident, we offer two (2) nose-to-tail services fit for both the salon savvy and water-weary.









 Bath SPA Package

Groom SPA Package

All Bath SPA Package features listed above plus a Diva Dogs haircut – clipped and/or scissoring to breed standard. 

Why is Mobile Grooming so much better?

We pamper your pooch with patient, gentle handling throughout our one-on-one grooming service.  We pamper you by bringing our grooming services straight to your door, eliminating the stress and unnecessary hours your dog might experience crated at a traditional salon.  More benefits of Mobile Grooming include:

Veterinarian Recommended – Puppy Approved!

Veterinarians recommend our mobile grooming salon because it is disinfected and sterilized after each grooming appointment, keeping your puppy safe from potential exposure to unhealthy environments.  Puppies like it because it’s a pool party on wheels, complete with mom and/or dad approved special treats.  You’ll like it because bath-time related hiding and cowering will be replaced by yips of joy each time our mobile grooming van pulls up to your curb.

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To schedule a reservation, review our Grooming Policies and then complete the Contact Us form to send the request to Diva Dogs.