Puppy & Dog Training


Private Puppy & Dog Training Services

Your goal is a well-trained companion, but freeing up six consecutive Wednesday nights or following up a 10 hour work day with a cross-town drive to a group training class isn’t always realistic. And so, in the interest of simplicity and speed, we offer a variety of in-home training programs for puppy dogs and the busy people who love them: Young Puppy at Home, Puppy Charm School and One-on-One Tutoring.

  Private Puppy & Dog Training services   Description
  Young Puppy at Home   House training, chew training and alone time training for young puppies
  Puppy Charm School   Puppy Manners and Obedience Training for young puppies under 16-weeks old
  Small Doggy Charm School   Basic Manners and Obedience Training for small dogs under 20-lbs
  One-on-One Tutor   One-on-One Tutor helps you design a training package to achieve your goals
  Puppy Zoom Meetings   NEW PUPPY PARENTS : Zoom meeting with a behavior & training expert (puppies under 16-weeks old)

About the Trainer

Cindy Lonnstrom specializes in early puppy development & learning and changing behavior using positive, force-free training methods.  She earned a Certificate in Training and Counseling (CTC) from the San Francisco Academy for Dog Trainers.  Cindy and her dog, Chloe, are members of the National Association of Canine Scent Work, and together they have been awarded titles in NoseWork 1 (NW1) and NoseWork 2 (NW2) in the sport of K9 NoseWork®.

Academy for Dog Trainers

Seminars, courses and workshops Cindy has attended: