One-on-One Tutor


Private Training Services

Is a polite “wait” the last thing your puppy contemplates when the front door swings open?  When walking your exuberant dog, do neighbors avoid you for fear of becoming entangled in your flexi-lead or flattened by a high-spirited greeting?  Is your dog a no show when called?  We hear you.

A little one-on-one time with our expert tutor is just the thing you need to fine tune “stay”, freshen up “off” and “come”, and establish a successful loose-leash dog walking routine.  Simply tell us what you want your dog to learn and together we’ll make it happen.  Our customized dog training programs target a variety of issues and are dog and family friendly.

Contact us today and be the toast of your neighborhood block party tomorrow.

Leash Manners Tutoring

Does your dog jump, whirl, and lecture fellow canines on daily walks?  Wish your walking buddy could focus more on you instead?  Our expert tutor will teach you a series of commands to make life simpler on daily outings.  Your dog will learn to watch and listen for directions when you encounter surprises.  Our expert tutor will teach you cues and signals to ease you and your dog into a relaxing leash-walking and wagging routine:

Contact us today and start enjoying neighborhood walks with a well-mannered dog by your side.

Rocket Recall Tutoring

When you extend a formal invitation to come, is your dog a no-show?  We will teach you how to plan a party that is so perfect your dog will sprint over the instant you call her.  Our expert tutor will demonstrate and teach you how to:

Contact us today and watch how fast your dog RSVP’s the next time you call.

Door Manners Tutoring

Does your dog head up the welcoming committee at your home?  When the doorbell rings, is “Great to see you” quickly followed by “Watch out for the dog”?
It’s time for a Diva Dogs intervention.  Our expert tutor will help you replace chaotic behaviors with polite ones:

Contact us today and restore harmony at the front door.

Circus School Tutoring

The stage is set. The venue? Your living room. The audience?  You, her biggest fan.  It takes just as much practice and dedication for your dog to learn a trick as it does to master a down-stay.  But there’s something about the involuntary smiling and frequent chuckling involved in the process of teaching your dog to play possum that leads to an unbreakable buddy bond.  Plus, learning new things promotes better learning skills overall.  That’s good for your dog and great for you.  Our expert tutor will show you how to teach your dog new tricks, encouraging her to infuse her own personal style into each performance and teach you everything a good Ring Leader should know.

Contact us today and be a part of the entertainment for your next party.